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Frequently asked questions

Q: What can I talk about?
Counselling is a safe space for you to bring anything that is on your mind or difficulties you may be facing. Even if you are not sure what to say or where to start, I’ll be there to guide you.
Counselling works best if attended weekly, as regular commitment builds trust and is beneficial to making counselling work. Accessing counselling fortnightly, may also be suitable for some clients
I can work flexibly with clients, but can also offer regular sessions times if preferred.
A session will last for 50 minutes and therapy is open ended, so you can have as many as you need and we can monitor this as we go along.
Counselling is confidential and apart from exceptional circumstances, such as, required by law or safeguiding issues, no information will be shared.
Counselling is guided by you, so you can end your sessions at any time and you are welcome back, at any time.
48 hours’ notice is needed for cancelled sessions. If you cancel outside of this time, you will not be charge. If you cancel in this time, you will be charged a full session fee.
Sessions can be paid one at a time or I offer discounts for pre-paid block bookings and offer some concessionary rates. Fees can be paid by cash or bank transfer.